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Who is the carnal man? He is the babe in Christ.

Though born-again and a new creature, yet still walks after the order of the natural man – walking as a “Mere Man”

Still walking where there is envy, strife, and divisions as mere men walk.

Still walking in the flesh: It means being body-ruled and not Spirit ruled.

Carnal Christians have not learned the love law nor the love walk.

When we begin walking in divine love, the God-kind of love, we stop being jealous; we stop strife and division and backbiting.

Backbiting, bitterness, and jealousy are signs of underdevelopment on the part of the believer.


It’s time to Grow Out of Carnality

God wants you to grow out of carnality.

There is no other way to get out of the carnality except to grow out of it.

As a carnal Christian, you might not come to the knowledge of it yet, but it belonged to you.

You may not have grown to a place where you could appreciate it and take advantage of it yet, but all things are yours.



The spiritual man is one who knows what belongs to him in Christ Jesus and takes advantage of it.

The spiritual man has drunk deeply at the fountain of life and feeds regularly at the table of the Lord.

The spiritual man has saturated himself in love, walking in the love of God.


The spiritual man really Knows the Father

The spiritual man really Knows the Son

The spiritual man really Knows the Holy Ghost


The spiritual man really Knows the present-day ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Knowing the reality of Jesus’ present-day ministry will do more for you in your spiritual growth than anything else.


  • He is our High Priest
  • He is our Advocate
  • He is our Intercessor
  • He is our Shepherd
  • He is our Lord!


The spiritual man has come to know the Holy Spirit as He is unveiled in the Word.

You can be baptized with the Holy Ghost and speak in other tongues and still not really know Him.

The Holy Ghost is here to take the Word of God and open it up to us.

To lead us, to show us the way as our Indwelling Helper.


He is our Comforter

He is our Teacher

He is our Helper

He is our guide


The spiritual man really Knows His Inheritance

The spiritual man really Knows His Ability: An ability to witness.

The spiritual man His Governed by the Word


A new commandment – the Love way

The law of the New Covenant is that we love one another.

So, every word said out of love is a sin.

Every act made out of love is a sin.

When we fail to walk in love we are in sin.

God’s standard is the standard of Love.

Go the love way


Finally, Examine yourself

The Bible doesn’t say for me to examine you, or for you to examine me, but for you to examine yourself.

You will not grow up spiritually overnight any more than you grew up mentally or physically overnight.

We are moving unto perfection we’re not perfect yet, are you?

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