ACQUAINTANCE WITH GOD SERIES IV- Get Acquainted with Ways of God.



God’s ways are higher ways

The reason many are not experiencing God’s best is that we’ve become so well-adjusted to our culture and the traditions of men, that we can’t even think about a better way of living.

If we desire to walk in a higher level of favor with God, we must be willing to walk away from the traditions of men.

Most importantly, we must leave the old mindsets behind.

All I am telling you today is that there is a better way—a higher way—to live.


Be transformed

Through God’s Word, we discover that God wants us to live an abundant and prosperous life.

As you receive the word of God and begin to renew my mind things will begin to change.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

We begin experiencing transformation on the inside, with the renewing of our minds.

The only way you can break loose and move to a higher level of favor is by the renewing of your mind.

You must commit yourself to renewing your mind.


You have to see yourself getting out of debt before you ever start reducing that debt.

You have to see yourself experiencing better health before you have any outward evidence of it.

You have to see yourself walking in a higher level of favor before it ever manifests.


The way of the Lord is that mystery Path of life

Where you end your journey in life is determined by the path you take.

No matter how difficult or complicated the situation is, God’s way will always not only bring you out but much more put you on top.


God’s wisdom is God’s way

There is a way out for you today.

There is always that good way in God

The major problem in life is not knowing the ways of the Lord.

The difference between greatness and folly is the application of the ways of God.

Stop doing it your way; the way you feel, or what everyone is doing.

God has a better way; the higher way for you.

It is not where you are but where He is taking you to.


How did God change the status of His people?

He led him through the mystery path that leads to greatness.


He led him about.

He instructed him.

He kept him.

He made him ride on the high places of the earth.


The Way Himself says; “follow me and I will make you”.

Your making is in following His way.

Walking in His way is what results in greatness.

When you walk in His way, He leads you through.

Choose to be a follower today and let Him lead you.

His way is established in His Word.

It’s your turn to eat the increase of the fields


The way to Greatness

The waters made him great: The knowledge of the word.

The deep set him up on high: Revelation of the word.

He short for: A giving lifestyle.

His root was by great waters: Connected to the right source


The blessing is in keeping His ways.

The way of the LORD is strength

The way of God is His wisdom.



It is the revelation that compels application.

The wisdom of God is channeled through revelation.

The live wire of your Christian faith and ministry is a revelation.

Until you get the revelation of any issue you are never free from the frustration of it.

There are many instructions that we have acquired but we have not given ourselves wholly to them and until you give yourself wholly to them your profiting will not appear.

His instructions are the highways of our distinction.

You can’t do what He says without obtaining results.

You can’t do what He commands and remain in bondage.


You are redeemed to reign; it takes wisdom to reign.

You have a royal destiny but it requires walking in the ways of God to actualize it.

Heaven’s ways are revealed to us through scriptural instructions.

The principles of scripture are the guarantees of a glorious future.

The ways of God unfold to you what right steps to take to trample the enemy under your feet.


The ways of God will produce mighty evidence in your life this new month.

You will never be stranded in your life anymore.

Your business will never be stranded anymore.

This new month God will rain His supernatural wisdom upon you.

There is going to be a visitation of supernatural wisdom in this great month.

This month, crave after instructions and you will never suffer frustration anymore.

This new month God is going to bring you into a unique encounter with the wisdom of His ways.

You are going to have the divine privilege of accessing His instructions that will bring you to your harvest this year.

By the power of God be lifted you this new month.

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