God is a God of purpose.

God’s eternal purpose: to make His church reign on earth through the manifestation of His manifold wisdom.

God has purposed it and it is not just that He will do it but He is doing it already.

The time for the revelation of this mystery is now and God is moving on fast with His program on earth.

Through the operation of the wisdom of God, the church will checkmate principalities and powers.

This is God’s plan for the hour.


Wisdom was the key ingredient in creation.

The wisdom of God has always been visited upon the earth through human vessels.

Every breakthrough of God’s people has always been on the platform of divine wisdom.

IDEAS rules; profitable ideas make the great men of the earth.

Now it is your turn to manifest the same.


Through the Holy Spirit, this deposit of wisdom is in you waiting to be explored!

It’s time for the Jacobs, Josephs, and Daniels in you to emerge.

It’s time you opened up and let the Holy Spirit do His work in.

He cannot Himself undertake the work of the mind for you; He only operates through it.

You need your mind being renewed adequately.

As you receive the word, the spirit of wisdom is coming upon you today.

May the word of today bring you a change of story.

May you truly hear the voice of God today in Jesus name.


Wisdom: Your Instrument For Creativity

In the beginning, God created.

God didn’t just wish into existence.

Nothing comes into being through just wishes: Everything is made to happen.

The Wisdom is God is the force behind creation.

Everything God created was created by wisdom.

A man is a product of creativity and so must be creative.

By the breath of God, the seed of creativity is sown in man.


Wisdom is of the mind: The mind is the seat of wisdom.

It is in making the active use of the mind.

Your creative ability is tied to wisdom and wisdom resides in the mind.

If Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, then you have that creative ability in you.

Jesus was the principal architect of creation.

He is the word of God and He is the wisdom of God.

The word of God is the wisdom of God.


Creating Your World

We are called to join in this mystery of making things happen.

This seed of creativity is in you and it can only manifest through divine enabling.

It does not matter how shapeless your life is.

It does not matter how empty it is.

You can give it the shape you want: You can make it full again.

You came to this world to give shape to it.

You are the principal initiator of your destiny, and divine wisdom is what you need.


What is Divine wisdom?

Wisdom is the divine know how.

It is the right use of the knowledge of God.

It is a discovery of divinely inspired insights with great results to show.

It is knowing how to handle situations and make them produce your desired result.

Divine Wisdom is hearing from God correctly and applying productively His instructions.


Wisdom is knowing the way to make it in life.

Wisdom is the scriptural solution to a human problem

Wisdom is applying the word of God accurately to a problem

Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge.

Your life will never be stranded again.



Man has access to basically two types of wisdom.

There is the earthly wisdom and the heavenly wisdom.

The earthly wisdom is the wisdom of men.

The heavenly wisdom is the wisdom of God.

The wisdom of men is wicked and devilish: It pulls down rather than raise up.


The wisdom which is of God is void of confusion and guarantees escape from evil.

It is pure: It is light and hides no darkness in it.

It guarantees the lifting of men and the sustenance of that lifting.

It is from above and whatever is from above is above all.

It comes from God.


Divine wisdom is knowing which way to go and it will take you to the top as you lay hold on the ways of God.

Get hold of this wisdom and mold your destiny.


You are not created to live an ordinary life.

You are not created to follow the ordinary ways.

You are created to live an extraordinary life through the active use of heaven’s wisdom on earth.


The Holy Spirit — is the excellent Spirit Of wisdom

The ingredients of the excellency of this Spirit:

the spirit of wisdom and understanding,

the spirit of counsel and might,

the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.

The Holy Spirit is essentially the Spirit of wisdom


The Natural Mind

The natural man: He has a natural mind: A reprobate mind.

The potentials embedded in its depth are beyond the wildest human imagination.

If the natural mind can do good, then the supernatural mind of Jesus Christ should excel much more.

If the reprobate mind can produce outstanding results, then the redeemed mind should produce “much more”!

So, stir up yourself into action for a change of story.

Stir up yourself for a better, more productive and fulfilling life.

The seed of creativity is in you; the light of life is in you, so stir up yourself.

May your mind be stirred up unto greater achievements in Jesus’ name.



His instructions are the highways of our distinction.

Crave after instructions and you will never suffer frustration anymore.

You can’t follow what He says without obtaining results.

You can’t do what He commands and remain in bondage.

Wisdom is the principal thing: Until wisdom is at work nothing works.

You must look forward to something extra ordinary in this great.

We are going to have the divine privilege of accessing His instructions that will give us total control in specific areas of life.

God will enhance your liberty in all areas of life through the revelation of the word.

God is going to bring each one of us into a unique encounter with His wisdom.

Whatever are those low points of your life, there is going to be a lifting for you this month.

No matter how low you have gone there is lifting for you this month.

The wisdom of God will produce mighty evidence in your life this month.

This month God will rain His supernatural wisdom upon us.

There is going to be a visitation of supernatural wisdom in this month.

This month every battle against you shall be crushed in Jesus name.


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