You have a heritage of covenant riches.

Don’t suffer with the world you are a covenant child of God.

When your riches come from God, they are sorrow-free.

When you are blessed of God, you are sustained by Him.

You are God’s candidate for covenant wealth.


God Is All Sufficient?

No matter what happens to you, God can, if you trust Him.

Stop wondering whether God can take care of your financial needs. Praise God He can!

God has His ways; which we call wisdom for financial sufficiency.

God’s wisdom will generate financial sufficiency.

If you will open your mind and faithfully put its principles to work, you will be able to manifest these same riches in your own life.

The truth is, you can change your future on purpose if you want to.


Giving is the fundamental law

You need to be instructed in what God has to say in His Word about our financial sufficiency.

Obedience and Service are the prerequisites for financial sufficiency


1) Obedience to His word

2) Serve Him and humanity


Your desire should be to serve the Lord.

It’s not where you are but what you are doing

The truth is this if you love God and walk in the wisdom of God, He will fill your treasuries.


What is wisdom saying?

Withholding more than you should lead to poverty.

In giving what you give, what do you have left?

God is not looking at what you gave but what you have left after your giving.

Prosperity is not defined by the times of plenty but is forged in a man’s heart in times of lack.


What is God’s will about Financial Sufficiency?

God wants you to enjoy Financial Sufficiency.

God wants you to have more than enough to meet every need as you also give freely and share with others.

You can only experience God’s will in this area of your life as walk in His wisdom.

There is only one way to attain God’s will for you, and that is by the power of the seed.


God’s requirements never precede His provisions.

You are enriched in everything for all liberality

You will be enriched in every way for all generosity.

You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way.

You will be enriched in every way so that you may be generous on every occasion.


The revelation of giving alone will not bring you Financial Sufficiency.

The whole wisdom of God includes stewardship of what God has entrusted to you.

If you are to see the abundance of God, then you must embrace the disciplines of stewardship.

God can’t bless what we need; He can only bless what we have.

As we embrace great stewardship, God has more than enough for us to live in financial sufficiency.


The Power of the Seed

Giving is a seed, and everything good you will ever want to attain in this life requires seed.

The law of sowing and reaping will last until the end of time.

Just as the harvest never comes before the time of sowing, the blessing of the Lord never comes before the seed.

We can actually create our own future by sowing seed.

Now, it’s important to realize that the harvest hardly ever comes overnight.

It takes time; seed + time

You need to realize that giving what you have to God is the only opportunity you have to create the future you desire.


God will always direct you into the life of another for His purpose and for their benefit.

It is impossible to receive a harvest from a seed you have never sown.

A person cannot receive what he isn’t willing to give.

Anything you refuse to sow is something you consider to be more valuable than the harvest you could potentially reap.

Whatever anointing you respect, you will attract.


God has given us principles by which we can change our future.

Giving is the key that will release us from the box that has trapped us for so long.

Giving is the divine catalyst that will bring us before great men.

Whatever we make happen for others, God will be sure to make happen for us.


God’s will for the workplace – Ephesians 4:28

That he may have something to give him who has need.

Our entire lives are to be spent in service of God and others, not for ourselves.

You don’t go to work for yourself; you go to work for the person who is in need.

As you work, be confident that God will meet your needs as you labor to meet someone else’s needs through your giving.

God doesn’t want you to labor in your own strength to do it all by yourself.

Consider the money you earn at your job as a potential blessing for someone else, and His church.

Allow God to show you how much to spend on your own needs and what is to be sown into good ground for a later harvest.


The Value of a Gift

The value of a gift is not in what you give.

The value of a gift is in what it cost you to give it.

Too many times people are happy to give something that doesn’t cost them anything.

If your offering doesn’t cost you something, it is insignificant in your eyes, no matter how large it seems.

And if the seed we sow is insignificant to us, it is also insignificant to God.

The reason many people don’t receive any fruit from the seed they sow is because they’re constantly giving God that which costs them nothing.

It’s time you became a compulsive giver of gifts that cost you something.

That very thing in life that you love, is what you must give to make meaning.

If your gift costs you little to give it, it is of little benefit to your life.

This principle is as vital to attaining sufficiency in the realm of finances.



The presence of God will bring the blessing of God.

Be focused on God’s promises, not on your problems.

Truly loving God is passionately loving what God loves.

Great men make decisions that will empower their future.

The poor make decisions that destroy their present.

True prosperity is to want only what God wants you to have.


Give from your want, not out of your abundance.

Denial of ourselves today will bring the pleasures we desire tomorrow.

Embrace your assignment, no matter what the cost.

Don’t assume the role of God in the life of another man.

Don’t trade away your future to create a present season of comfort.

The only proof that you are a giver comes on the day you begin to receive.

When you live your life as a giver

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