Many though saved, do not enjoy the fruits of salvation.
Salvation will hold no value without the revelation of the word of God, which is the truth.
Until you tap into the word your salvation is likely going to lose credibility.
There is the great prescription that will help give appropriate value to your salvation.
It is having the revelation of the truth of God’s word.

Do you believe in Him?
Your way forward is to continue in His word and as you do
“Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”
This is accessing the light of scriptures; which is the Bible.
The Bible, which is the word of God, is a living force.
It is ever reliable, dependable, and eternally functional.
There is something unique about God’s word and I want to help you appreciate the value of God’s word today.
The word of God is your access to the good that God has for you.
It takes the word of God for you to be built up in the ways of God

What you do with the Bible largely determines your destiny.
It is your value of it that defines your destiny.
The contents of the Bible are spiritual laws that confer dominion in life and earthly walk.

Look at the Word at work in our lives
It is only through the working of the word of God in us that we are converted or changed
It is only through the working of the word of God in us that we are transformed.
It is only through the working of the word of God in us that we are wise in the affairs of life.
The operations of the word in us simplify every complication.

The ways of the word are right
His word always leads by the right way
It is not only that His word is right, you must love, receive and esteem it as so.
Esteem all His precepts concerning all things to be right; agree and submit to His ways.
It takes the revelation of the word for us to be enlightened and full of joy.

Desire the word greatly
Desire the light of the word more than money
Desire the light of the word more than the pleasures of this life

The word if full of warnings and in obeying and keeping to its warnings there is a great reward.
Obeying the word and walking in the way of the word is what leads to divine rewards which are called Blessing.

God’s word is spirit and life it has the power to give life to anything called dead.
It can reinvigorate and beautify destinies;
It can restore harmony into families;
It can replace the breakdowns of your life with breakthroughs
It bears resurrection power

The Word enables you and me to partake of the nature of God which gives you dominion over the things that corrupt the world.
Joseph his situations did not change until his word came.
May you truly encounter your word
God’s word is worth the change you desire in life.
From glory to glory we are changed.

It is the revelation of the word that delivers your expectations in life.
When God’s word is applied, God’s integrity is committed.

It is time to team up with the Holy Spirit in a desperate search for direct answers from the word on the questions of your life.
When you apply yourself to the word with a sense of total commitment as the only way, it will certainly work.
That is what makes it works every day.
It is not testing God’s capability, but you believe in the integrity of the word of God.
The Bible cannot be rewritten, you either connect with what is written or you are disconnected from the source of life.
It is time to connect with the ‘book’ by applying yourself to it.
Get back to the word of God, be voracious and greedy about it.
It is time to seek out of the book

God’s words remain the original source of power.
The Holy Ghost is principally a teacher of the truth empowering us to deliver.
Every prayer that lacks the Word lacks effect.
God is only committed to His Word.

Whatever looked like frustration in your life God will turn it into a celebration.
As you wait for the word of God in partnership with the Holy Spirit, I decree access to the deep things of God the way you have never known before in the name of Jesus.
As you remain committed to the searching the truth, the light of God will dispel every of your darkness.
Don’t let any devil make you feel you have a special problem that God’s word cannot handle because it is too late.
With God all things are possible
When you access His word rightly every devil bows out.

There’s no challenge facing you now but such that is common to man.
Don’t call special what God call common. – You don’t have a special case – Sarah gave birth at the age of 90.
You don’t have a special problem stop listening to the devil’s diagnosis.

Wake up and stop thinking of any special problem for God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempered beyond that which you can deal with at the same time makes a way out.

His way is in His word.
It’s time to seek light out of the book and live
It time to sit down and accept responsibility.
Accept responsibility and take that which belongs to you this time.

For the enemy to be taking you on a ride is enough is enough.
You must go taking hold of the help of the Holy Spirit to access solution for that situation of your life.
Enough is Enough!
Enough is Enough!

The power of revelation
Revelation is the light of the word; when the word enters and lights you up.

Your destiny can be enhanced, beautified and glorified, with this true light that lights every man that comes into this world.
It’s time you’re lighted

The Bible is made up of letters, but within the letters is embedded the very life of God that makes life meaningful.
Revelation opens the seals over the letters and allows you access to the mysteries that are embedded within the letters, so you can maximize the profits and the values that are contained therein.

What is Revelation?
It is the unfolding of the mysteries of the kingdom of God as contained in the scriptures.
It is the opening of the seals which enable you to access the mysteries of the kingdom.
It is what makes the scriptures meaningful and creates the result you desire.
It is the working knowledge of the truth that will disarm all that hurts.

Refuse to be satisfied with the stories of scriptures, be hungry for the mysteries because it is the only way to gain mastery over the affairs of life.

It is the opening of scriptures that decorate our future.
It is the opening of scriptures that, dignifies our destinies.
It is the opening of scriptures that and terminates our sorrows.
It is the opening of scriptures that, terminate our tears.
The revelation of the truth is what makes you a miracle worker.

Every harassment over your life is ended today.

Revelation is not just about seeing what God says; it is seeing what God requires of you so you can access what He has for you.
Being able to see what step to take to actualize what God has promised is a revelation.
Until your eyes are opened to see the Word, you cannot experience the promise.
May your eyes be opened in Jesus name

The Word of God works on the wheels of revelation.
God changes your position by enhancing your access to revelations.
When you locate the appropriate Word, it changes your world supernaturally.
When the Word comes, trials end.

Whatever represents a trial in your life will be turned to a testimony TODAY.
That revelation that will establish your long-awaited transformation will come to you.
Whatever seems impossible, as you lay hold on the required insight, it will be a cheap possibility.
Revelation is the light of the Word.
Today God will convert your obscurity into dignity.
You won’t miss your place in Jesus name.
Jesus is Lord

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