LIVING FOR CHRIST II February 4, 2018


Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. – Matt. 5:14

Under God and through Christ we are here on earth for a purpose.

We are the light of the world.


The salt of the earth and the light of the world.

This difference between the two is very significant

The words “world” and “earth” are different words and have distinct, separate conceptual meanings in Bible language.


These meanings are defined by the Scriptures when used in context.

The word worlds means an age or a sphere of existence.

Specific prevailing conditions in time upon the face of the Earth.


The “Earth” is a planet.

It is a spherical-shaped mass of matter in time and space.


The “world” is the specific set of conditions prevailing upon the face of the Earth at a specific point in time.

The Earth is a part of our present world, past worlds, and the future world to come.


It is the will of God that we be delivered from the evil of this world.

Earth is term mostly use for a ground or surface.

The world is a place where we live or you can say it is a more expanded term of Earth.

We are on the earth, but we are not to conform to the ways of the world.

More so, we are to change our world for Him


Remember we are ambassadors.

We are sent here from our heavenly government to represent our government in the territories of the earth.

Our authority is not measured by our own personal abilities but is in direct proportion to the authority of the government of heaven that we represent.

As ambassadors, we are not only the salt of the earth but also the light of the world.


Our kingly and Priestly ministries are to also reflect out being light to our world.

In Christ, we are offered a double privilege: to minister as priests and to reign as kings.

As Christians, we are called “a royal [or kingly] priesthood.”

Stop living in the past, you’re a new creature

A new creature with an awesome responsibility.


The first question is light what is it?

It is the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.

Understanding of a problem or mystery; enlightenment.

Illumination of mind; instruction; knowledge.

Means of knowing. “By using such lights as we have, we may arrive at probability, if not at certainty.”

Explanation; illustration; means of understanding. “One part of Scripture throws light on another.”


In Scripture, God, the source of knowledge: “God is light.”

A true Christian, a person enlightened.


See Who You Are!

If you are going to shine as a light to your world, you must be fully aware of who you are in Christ.

When you know your position by redemption and your rights, it will help you operate accordingly.

Until you know and have an understanding of who you are by being born again, you may still remain in bondage, though you’ve been set free.

It becomes easy to appropriate your liberty when you know these things:


You Are A New Creation

In Christ you have become a new creation, haven accepted Him as Saviour and Lord of your life.

By this, you have become accepted in the beloved – the family of the Father God.


God declares you righteous.

You are God’s offspring.

You are His loved son.

You occupy a special place in His heart.

You have His nature.

You have become one with Christ.

You are now restored to your former place of authority and dominion.

No devil can defeat you as you stand in your proper position in God.

This is a mystery. But it is the truth and is real.


You Are Translated

At salvation, you are translated into the kingdom of God, the kingdom of light.

In the kingdom of darkness, there are all forms of evil.

All manner of sicknesses, afflictions, embarrassments, and torments, hold sway.

But you are no longer under the devil’s domain, so he is to have no more control over you or your affairs.

The blood of Jesus shed on the cross of Calvary, has delivered you from that realm and translated you into the kingdom of God Himself.

You have been brought out of darkness into light.

You have become a partaker of the life and nature of the Father

Satan has no access at all to this kingdom unto which you have been translated.

It is the kingdom of light.

There is no place for him there because he is “the darkness”.

But, it’s one thing for you to be translated, and another thing for you to be aware that you have been translated.


You Are Peculiar

Every cleansed person is a peculiar treasure!

You are not common.

You’re bought with a price – the precious blood of the lamb.

You belong to royalty, chosen to show forth the praises of God on earth.

You are peculiar! To be envied! A special breed!

Not knowing all these, makes you live and die like mere men!


You Are from Above

“He that cometh from above is above all…”

You are above everything happening on this earth – failure, disease, sickness, poverty, depression, frustration, rejection, barrenness, miscarriage, life’s threats, etc.

You’re from above, where you are seated with Christ, you are above all these things.


Until you are reigning in the area where you are, you are not fulfilling your calling in God.

The world should be looking for you to learn how to live.

You are a city set on a hill you cannot be hidden anymore.

You are the light of the world you will not die in obscurity.


You are created to matter to your generation

You are created to live a fruitful life.

You are born for dignity and prominence.

You must not disappoint creation.

You are born to be an attraction.

This year your life will command attention – Zechariah 8:20 – 23


Arise, shine; For your light has come! – Isa 60:1

God is running a divine program

God is raising you to become a man and woman of an enviable life.

You are the solution not the problem

Your world is waiting for your light to shine


Men whose light shined

Joseph: I pray that heart of discretion and wisdom come on you today in Jesus name. – Ge 41:39

Daniel: May that same excellent spirit come on you today in Jesus name. – Da 6:3

John the Baptist: from this time your light will shine – John 5:35


Go and discover your roots and live well!

From now on, that mountain will obey you.

You were once natural but now you are divine because the life that makes for divinity now flows in you.

Whatever mountain you confront with this truth will obey you.


Get ready, it’s your time to shine as light to your world

Stop struggling: Start walking in the light of this revelation.

And your dominion will begin to manifest with power.

You can dominate your circumstances!

You can dominate that sickness and send it away from your house!

You can dominate poverty and send it away from your territory!

You shall no longer lose control in the affairs of your life anymore, in Jesus name!


Jesus is Lord

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