Being Born again brings us into a covenant relationship with God.

This covenant is a covenant that covers all areas of life, including success.

God has the plan of good Success for His people.

But you need to have a working knowledge of this Covenant of Success, from His Word.

As you meditate on and confess the word, doing and obey all the instructions of the Book, you will prosper and have good success.


God’s kind of success is called good success.

God’s will for you is an all-around success.

It is to be a total success in all dimensions of life: spiritual, mental and physical.


God is the Source of good success.

It is God who enables you to become a success story.

Success is making continuous progress. – Prov 4:18

Every day will be a plus on the previous for you from today in Jesus name.


Good Success is the Believer’s Covenant Right

God’s good success is the product of a covenant walk.

God has a covenant of success with His people.

As a child of God, good success is your Covenant privilege.



We are called to a covenant walk – Gen. 17:1

We are called to a consistent compliance with His ways that will take us to our covenant land of success.

Remember God’s formula for success stated in Joshua 1:8.

To have good success, there are things you must do, and make your way prosperous.

It is not as much as what God will do for you, but rather you do, in order for Him to establish good success for you.

All you need to do is to know the covenant details and comply with them.

Nothing can stop the covenant from prevailing.

The covenant when complied with will always prevail.

There are things to do for God to establish His covenant for you.


Look at Abraham.

God Himself admonished us to look at Abraham, and do as he did so that He Himself will do the same for us.

The Lord Jesus Himself said; If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham. – John 8:39


What did Abraham do?

And he gave him tithes of all. – Gen 14: 20

When God met him, he confirmed his covenant walk by paying his tithes of all.


Tithe and Offering

Tithing is not just another word for the offering.

The tithe and offering are different.

You need to understand the difference between the two.

The lack of understanding of this is causing a lot of us to miss the scriptural benefits of tithing and giving offerings.


The word Tithe Is Ten Percent

The tithe is not based on your circumstances.

The tithe is always ten percent: It never changes.


The Offering Is a Discretionary Amount

Unlike the tithe, you give your offering as you want to give. -2 Corinthians 9:7

It is up to you to determine how much you will give.

There is no set amount or percentage.

Your offering should always reflect your heart giving.


Hear Moses – Exodus 35:4 – 5

Whosoever is of a willing heart.

Only those who are willing should give offerings.

Is your heart in your giving? Stop giving casually.


Please understand that tithes and offerings are different.

The tithe is fixed at ten percent of your increase, and the offering is a flexible amount regulated by your willingness to give and prove your love for God.


The Tithe Is a Trust (covenant)

The tithe establishes a covenant relationship between you and God, while the offering establishes the depth of your love for Him.

Tithe establishes the covenant relationship you have with God.

As you establish your covenant relationship with God through your tithe, He will give you access to the reality of covenant benefits.

Your tithe establishes a covenant relationship between you and your maker.


Your tithe is a key, while your offering is a seed.

Your tithe is a key because it opens the windows of heaven for you.

Just as you cannot open a locked door without a key, you can’t reap a harvest without sowing some seed.

The tithe opens the windows of heaven, but your offering determines the measure God uses to pour back to you through those open windows.


You determine the measure or amount of our receiving according to the measure or amount of our giving.

There are many of us who tithe faithfully without realizing the importance of giving a tangible offering.

Well when you do that, you have the window of heaven opened but limited your blessing.

However, they have failed to create a flow through those windows by failing to give an offering.


God said that all the tithe is His: – Leviticus 27:30

The truth is that tithing is not really giving to God.

Tithing is simply returning to God what already belongs to Him.

When you pay your tithe, you are returning what already belongs to God.



The purpose of your tithe is to open the windows of heaven over your life.

Your offering determines the blessing that will flow to you through those windows.

The God kind of good success requires you have your foundation in the covenant secured.

Paying the tithe is the first step you must take to experience God’s blessings in your life.

The tithe is like a key because it opens the windows of heaven, making it possible for the blessing of God to flow into your life.


Putting God first

The covenant of tithing establishes in your life that you’re putting God first

The way you honour God is by giving Him the first and the best

A simple and practical way of putting God first is with your money is to consistently set aside your tithe.

This is the first step.


The covenant is Powerful

The covenant is an agreement between God and us His children.

You need to establish yourself in the covenant.

You need to understand the authority that was placed in the covenant.

God remembered His covenant with Abraham.

The covenant carries blessing: The Blessing of Abraham.

These blessings cover every area of life—spiritual, physical, mental, financial, social and political.


We are the Seed of Abraham

God’s promise was made through Abraham, but it was actually meant for one person, Jesus Christ.

The promise was made to Abraham’s seed—Jesus Christ.

Healing was a provision of the covenant.

When you made Jesus your Lord, a new man was born inside you.


This is the new covenant for you.

If Jesus Christ is the Lord of your life, then you are Abraham’s seed: a covenant child

We are one with Him: one in the covenant.

Jesus has passed the promise to you as His joint heir!

Stop dealing with the problem and begin to deal with the answer from the Word of God.

We are to receive the blessing of Abraham.

As a seed of Abraham, success is your covenant right.


Find out what the covenant says.

Put the Word first place in your life.

That is God speaking directly to you, the believer.

The blessings of God belong to everyone who is born again.

It’s time you let the word of God work for you as you walk in the covenant

This is your time

Jesus is Lord

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