SUCCESS GOD’S WAY II April 15, 2018


God, Himself wants us to prosper and be successful in whatever we do.

You will not disappoint God anymore.

The job was highly prosperous and successful and God was proud of him.

God wants to you be a success in life.

God wants it well with you.

God’s success is a good success

God’s will for you is ALL-ROUND SUCCESS.


God’s Success is not just about the wealth and riches we have acquired.

God’s success is more of staying in His plan and fulfilling His true purpose for our lives.


God sent you here for His purpose

We were not created by God to just simply exist and live a mediocre life; our lives are meant to be a success story.

God knew you before you came

God has His plan for good success for you.

God had a purpose for your creation and existence.

You are not a mistake; you were created to fulfil a purpose and realizing that purpose is the ultimate measure of success in life.


It is said of success

Success is more of a process than a product.

Success is more of a journey than an arrival.

Success is much more than just acquiring a fortune.

Success is more than just having money.

Success means you’re a solution, and not part of the problem.

True success in life comes from pleasing God.

Success is a process.


I want you to know that your life is not meant to be a meaning less existence.

You are saved by God to live a meaning full life.


Look at the man called Joseph – Genesis 39:2 – 3, 23

He was a slave at that time; could you consider a slave successful or prosperous?

He was a prisoner at that time; could you consider a prisoner successful or prosperous?

The world has its way of measuring success, but that is not the way God measures success.

God does not measure success the way the world measure success.


Good success is becoming the person God wants you to be and reaching the goals He has set for your life.

Success is you becoming a faithful steward of the issues of life.

A man or woman of great possibilities by God in this world.

This is a good success: to do something good, when you can, where you can, while you can!


A man of God said,

“Success is a continuing desire to be the person God called you to be,

achieving the purpose of God for your life”.

And, this is your Covenant-privilege!


We achieve this kind of good success only by relying on God through His word for guidance and strength.

God has a wonderful plan for blessing and fulfilment in your life.

God’s guidance becomes clearer as you meditate on His Word, seeking for direction, and good counsel.


Success is knowing and doing the will of God.

As you commit yourself to obeying the principles of Scripture, you are prepared for success God’s way.

With God, there are ways we must walk in and things that we must do. – Exodus 18:20


It is all about following the principles as taught in His word.

To understand good success, we need to gain the knowledge of these principles.

These principles are ways we must walk in and the things we must do daily on a consistence basis.

These principles are the building blocks of life.

Walking in and doing as a lifestyle


First is your Relationship with God

Do you have a functional relationship with God?

If so, what is that relationship based upon?

A personal relationship with God begins with knowing His Son Jesus Christ.

When you enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ: God through His word begins to influence your desires, and you want to be more like Him.
When you put your faith in Jesus Christ as your saviour, and you established a personal relationship with God.


You have to develop yourself in that relationship, through reading and meditation in His word, prayer, and living a life that is worthy of him.

A true relationship with God begins with our fellowship and communication with Him.

Our relationship with our God must develop to the point where we are in touch with Him in a very personal way.

In this we have confidence that God will perform His word, without reservations on our part.


How well do you know Him?

Can you boldly say, “I know whom I have believed”

Can you boldly say, am persuaded that he is able to do it for me”



Someone once said, “success without prayer is like a pool without water”

Through our prayers, we secure our lives with Him.

It is through prayer that we are able to tap into the deep resources that God has for us.


God knows, God understands

God loves us so much, He knows and understands what we are going through.

He knows, He understands, so come to Him and seek His help.

He knows He understands, that’s why He Himself says we can “come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need”


How is it then?

It is all about committing the affairs of our lives to Him and hearing from Him.

It is all about seeking the way to go and receiving the strength to undertake the journey.

It is all about the impartation of His wisdom that makes it work.

This is why the bible says to pray without ceasing

You pray about everything before, during and after: Good success begins with prayer.


It is time to seek the more of God in your life.

The first missing link is the more of God in your life.

It is time to grow in the knowledge of who God is.

It is time to seek intimate fellowship with Him.

Seeking intimate fellowship with God is a vital necessity of enjoying His purpose for our lives.

Nobody builds a successful life on church title or position.


God is the One behind good success.

God is the One who can maintain it for you.

You need to understand that God is that vital necessity in your life.

Intimate fellowship with God releases His power to help us accomplish what He has called us to do.

It takes His presence to encounter rest.

God’s original plan is to have intimacy and fellowship with man.


How committed to God and His word are you?

Are you as close to God as you want to be?

Time with God is a vital necessity of life

Relationship requires commitment

The commitment to spend time with God is as serious as any commitment that we could ever make.

The quality of your life is greatly affected by the time you spend with God.

This should have priority in your schedule.


In securing this relationship we must abide in His word.

To abide in means

Means to accept or act in accordance with a rule, decision, or recommendation.

It means to comply with, to obey, to observe, to follow, to go along with, to acknowledge and respect,


Through the Word, we gain direction on the way to go and the understanding of the will of God for our lives.

The word of God is light, and he that walks in the light has no occasion to stumble.

The word of God is God’s wisdom bank; full and loaded with wisdom.

Everything you need to know to be successful is in the word of God


The key of meditation

If you make His word your delight as you meditate in it day and night; you will be productive and be prosperous in whatever you do

As Christians, we have to read and study the Word.


What is meditation all about?

It is all about prayerfully and carefully reading and understanding the Bible.

It is all about finding out the step to take.

It is all about making what we read relates to the situations in your life.

It is directed thinking, reflection, and contemplation that helps make prayer and the sturdy of the word meaningful and inspiring.

Meditation on the word helps you know where you are going and how to go.


Finally, on fellowship: It is with God and His People

God put His people in His Church to support, encourage and learn from each other.

Biblical fellowship is a three-way relationship between you, God and His people.

God puts us each in His Church where He wants us, with our own specific part to play.

God warns us not to “neglect our meeting together”.

You are part of a body.

The fellowship is to bring enrichment, encouragement and enjoyment.

Jesus is Lord

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