God’s words are His sayings; hear them and do them

This is the key to success in life.

Stay on this book, which is His word.

Meditate on it, speak it always, observe to do it

Then you make your way prosperous.


Success is not an accident

It is not just good fortune or luck.

It is the ability to follow principles and secrets of the Word of God until it brings you to a place of victory.

It is time for you to succeed in life.


God’s principles are established for all to follow.

Whosoever abides by them will experience success.

It’s time you learned the principles that made people like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob successful. – Hebrews 6:12


In order to succeed you need to also observe successful people.

If you want to succeed, follow successful people.

This is a simple principle to follow.


Do you want to be successful?

Among many other things choose to follow closely someone who has succeeded in life.


What are principles?

Principles are fundamental truth or propositions that serve as the foundation for a system of belief or behaviour or for a chain of reasoning.

They are fundamental truth or a rule or belief


Principles don’t change for anyone

Principles are not changed by circumstances.

They are not altered with time.

Principles are invisible rules to be followed and obeyed by all.

If you break a principle, the principle will break you!


The realities of the principles of success are what many of us Christians in the world today do not want to face.

Many think, that because they are Christians God will just do it.

Or they would rather pray than find out the right steps to take


It is like praying to pass an exam without studying

No matter who you are, you have to study hard if you want to pass your exams.


It’s like expecting a harvest without sowing seed.

No matter who you are, seedtime and harvest shall not cease.


Many of us Christians to don’t Understand Principles

Life is guided by principles;

God set these principles in motion for us to discover and operate by them.



The principles of discipline & diligence

The principles of faithfulness and truth.

The principles of the spoken word; I mean right words

I can go on and on


Please understand the nature of a principle.

The principle does not care who you are.

They are in force whether you like it or not.


Remember this word

Ecclesiastes 10:8 He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh a hedge, a serpent shall bite him.


Time and time again, we do things anyhow and wonder when the consequences show up to bite us.

If you pull someone down in order for you to rise you will reap what you sow. – Galatians 6:6 – 7


It’s time to take these principles of success seriously and begin to apply them in your life.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.


Isaiah says in Isaiah 2:5

O house of Jacob, come ye and let us walk in the light of the LORD.


And the Lord Jesus says in John 11:10

But if a man walks in the night, he stumbleth, because there is no light in him.


It takes walking in the light not to stumble.

It’s time to walk in the light.


Remember – John 1:4 – 5

In him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.


Also Psalm 119:130

The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.


When you walk in the Word of God, it will establish you.

When you keep to the principles in the Word of God, they will lead you to success in whatever you do


Success in life is built on the solid foundation of biblical principles!

You have to start applying the principles of success in your life.


There is no fast road to success.

In the world in which we are living today, everyone wants a quick way out!

Please note that there is no quick way to success.

Most of the times man desires a quick fix.


You here if the pastor can just pray for me

Or the prophet just prophesy


We do not want to live right.

We don’t want to serve God.

No more serious commitment to true devotion.

No more serious commitment to the true study of the bible to find the way out.

Just looking for an emergency result.

The bible says there are things you must do to make your way prosperous.


A principle is something you abide by, which in the process of time yields results.

Success in life comes over a consistent and diligent approach to the way we undertake, there is simply no shortcut.

Principles are to be followed and obeyed and they will eventually bring you to success.


Success in life is a walk


Remember what God told Abraham? – Genesis 17:1 – 2

Walk before me and be thou perfect: It’s a covenant walk.

There are steps to follow and things to do.


One facet of being successful is being prosperous.

Poverty does not help anyone.

The people who walked with God often turned out to be successful.


I believe God wants you to prosper in this life.

God wants to give you enough money than you can use to service the interest of His kingdom and take very good care of yourself.


Money is not evil: It cannot be evil

It is when you love money more than you love God, that you are in danger of hellfire.

It is the love of money that is evil.

God wants us His people to be prosperous and successful in life.

He wants His children to be rich and prosperous.

God wants His people to build houses and to own vineyards.

God’s will for you is to have an abundance of all things.


Hear what God told His people even in captivity – Jeremiah 29:4 – 5

Build ye houses, and dwell in them;

Plant gardens, and eat the fruit of them;


If God told the Israelite’s even in captivity to build houses and to plant gardens under the Old Covenant, then He is telling us not just to do the same today but even better.


Why? How do I know? – Hebrews 8:6

The new covenant is based upon BETTER promises.

The New Covenant is a better covenant!


Hear God speaking ahead in our lives by prophecy in Isaiah

  • Isaiah 65:20 – 24


Receive it because that is God’s desire for you.

You will not die young

God will satisfy you with long and prosperous life

You will build houses and inhabit them

You shall plant vineyards and eat the fruit of them.

You shall not build, and another inhabit;

You shall not plant, and another eat:

for as your days so shall your strength,

You will long enjoy the work of your hands.

You shall not labour in vain anymore.

You shall no longer nor bring forth for trouble;


Why all these blessings because you are the seed of the blessed of the LORD.

Decide to be someone who will build houses during your lifetime.

Decide to be someone who will own properties.

Decide to be someone who will help other people financially. Decide today for prosperity and riches.

Decide that you will accomplish something in this life.

God does not want you to borrow money to live; He wants you to be a giver.


Prosperity is for you now!

No matter who you are or where you live in this world, prosperity can be yours by faith.

I see you having a breakthrough in your financial life.

I see you living long and prospering.

I see you totally out of debt.

I see you with great riches.

I see you getting stronger and stronger.

That is God’s plan for you!


God’s plans for you are to succeed and you will succeed in life.

Jesus is Lord!

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