Stop accepting your situation as your portion in life.

Never you mistake your situation as your portion; no matter how long it has been.

The LORD is the portion of mine inheritance – Psalm 16:5

You have a goodly heritage.


If you are saved, your portion is in God.

If you are saved, you have a goodly heritage.

Don’t quit on life, all you need is a little more faith and perseverance.

Just a little more doggedness would turn apparent certain failure into glorious success. – 1 Sam.4:9


Be strong and have a good courage. – Joshua 1:6

You have to be brave and courageous to stand in faith when the odds are against you.

You have to be brave and courageous to just stand in faith and see God fighting for you.

You have to be brave and courageous.

Your Faith is the key that unlocks it all in your favour.


The next principle, therefore, is that of PERSEVERANCE! – 1 Cor 16:13


What is perseverance?

It is steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

It is a continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition.


Someone says, “Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth!”


Do not quit or give up living.

Focus on your life goal and fight!


The law of faith in God.

Most in desperation will cry out to Him whom they have ignored, disobeyed, and not considered all their lives.

As God’s people, I want you to know that God is there for you.

He is to be the beginning and the last.

We need to see Him as the very source of life and supplier of everything desired.

He is the Great God!


Since all comes from Him anyway, why not tap the source from the very beginning?

It is important therefore to secure your contact Him for continuous guidance and His help!


With God

With God now it is not merely choosing a goal—any goal.

It is setting the right goal in line with His plan and purpose for your life.


Remember one of our definitions of success in the earlier teachings

Success is not determined by the physical accomplishments or the wealth and riches we have acquired.

True success is staying in one’s own lane and fulfilling God’s true purpose for our lives.

The so called “successful” of this world had their lives focused on temporary and material objects, that are not enduring, and have no eternal significance.

King Solomon called all that; vanity upon vanity all is vanity.

It is important to know: what real success is, and how to achieve it.


Vanity, as Solomon observed is like a striving after wind!

For many, their bank accounts may have been full, but their lives empty.

When they acquired money, it never satisfied, and always they wanted more.

Yes, there were pleasures, moments of excitement, periods of enjoyment.

They had a hunger within that could never be satisfied.

These people probably didn’t realize it, but the hunger was spiritual.

And spiritual hunger is never satisfied by material food!

Many have forsaken God in the pursuit of earthly satisfaction. – Jeremiah 2: 13 – 17


God says it is evil to forsake Him seeking help and respite from other sources.

This is why we must define success and what constitutes real Success?

Except you find the true meaning of Success, your goal in life will be misplaced.


The right goal sets the direction of your life’s journey.

Success is the destination of that journey.

Success is where you finally arrive.

True Success includes a prosperous and enjoyable journey along the way.

True success, therefore, is partnering with God in accomplishing His purpose for us here on earth.

It is in our covenant walk with God.


The time when we need divine guidance, enlightenment, and help, is at the very beginning—at the time when we choose that right goal.

Without divine guidance, the wrong goal is always set.


Life has a purpose.

That ultimate true Success is something you cannot attain to by yourself.

The ingredient you lack is the Guidance, the Power and Spirit of God.


You must make the decision.

You must set this right goal.

You must set your will in line with His will

You must expend your full effort.

You must work at overcoming, growing and developing spiritually, and sticking with it.

God supplies His power, His love, His faith, His guidance, His life!

Your commitment to God changes everything.


Your main goal, now, will be spiritual and not material.

You will actually live by every Word of God!


Re-examine the various principles of.

Your study and entire preparation will be different.

You will seek to learn the true values of life, not just being materialistic!

Your number one source of inspiration will be the Bible.

You will gain the revelation of the mind of Christ.

This will provide your mental approach in all learning and practice.

You will receive the knowledge which God reveals about you.

You will be motivated by God’s Word for due diligence and drive. God commands that you do what you do with all your might!

As a businessman, you will learn the place of diligence – Proverbs 22:29.


No matter how intelligent, or resourceful you may be, you need God’s wisdom and help in handling the issues of life.

Whether it is in business, a profession, private life or whatever.

Through your contact with God, in the quietness of your prayer room, you connect with the Throne of Grace.

And in so doing you secure His mercy and help and guidance!

And as you walk with Him in obedience to His will, diligently and faithfully, His wisdom comes to you. – James 1:5


Wisdom must be applied to every specific circumstance individually.

Then in all these, you can proceed in confidence and the assurance faith!

As a child of God stops living your life without Him.

Trying to live without the living Christ in your life means you are missing the most practical and valuable asset you have.

As you demonstrate your faith in God, He simply works out situations and circumstances in your favour.

He enforces breakthroughs for you.


Again, don’t quit or give up on life, there is a way out for you. – Matthew 24:13

It is your time to enjoyed good success.

Jesus is Lord!

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