Morning Devotion Prayer January 19

1. Thank You, Father, for watching over my family and over me
throughout the night. Thank You for giving your angels charge over
us, in the name of Jesus
2 Father thank you for your favor that You have bestowed upon
me as your child.
3 Father as my great deliverer, deliver me from all the arrows of
the wicked flying all around that no hurt comes my way and all that
belongs to me in Jesus name
4 Father You are my great defender, arise and defend me from
every attack of the wicked targeted my way today in Jesus name.
5 Father I pray that as I go out this today, let me encounter
supernatural favor with my destiny helpers in Jesus name.
6 Father as I go through my life endeavors today let your Holy
Spirit continually go with me leading and guiding me all through
today that I do not miss my way in Jesus name.
7 My Father You are the great provider as I raise up the offering
of praise to you this morning, let your rain of blessings follow me
throughout today in Jesus name.
8 Father grant me supernatural wisdom for my activities today
that will distinguish me in all that I lay my hands to do in Jesus
9 Teach me to align my work, family and church life in a way that
would maximize your glory and allow me to bear the most fruit for
your kingdom in this life.

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