Friday June 4th, 2021, Prayer Points

  1. Let us thank God our Father, for not allowing the will of the enemy to prevail over us in this church.
  2. Arise oh Lord let the enemies of the growth and peace of this church be scattered. Lord, be an enemy to our enemies. Lord, be an adversary to our adversaries. 
  3. Lord, by the blood we destroy every deception, wicked forces, and activities of the enemy against our finances in this church. By the blood set every financial prisoner free in this church.
  4. Father today we decree vengeance against the enemies of our families in the name of Jesus. We speak the peace of God into every family in this church. 
  5. Let us decree war against every form of stagnation in any life in this KCA family and command open doors of employment & promotions in our life’s endeavors in Jesus’ name.
  6. Father in the name of Jesus Provoke Your power in our midst; send the word that will provoke Your power in the life of Your people in this assembly.
  7. Father in the name of Jesus and by the rain of the Holy Spirit, give rain to every seed sown by the members of this assembly that will culminate to financial abundance in our lives. 
  8. Lord, distinguish Your people in this assembly and single us out financially via favor at work and business henceforth.
  9. Father, cause the word of your servant’s mouth to be well driven into the heart of Your people for speedy accomplishment in all our life’s endeavors. Let the words spoken by Your servant begin to produce unusual result in the lives of Your people.
  10. Father be merciful unto us in this assembly and by Your mercy visits every member of this church and establish us, with ideas that will culminate to promotion and abundance.
  11. Lord, release Your spirit upon us and cause us to manifest Your power in our daily evangelism, as we go about bringing in the multitudes to Your kingdom.
  12. Father in the name of Jesus and by the Holy Spirit, fill us with Your Spirit and Revive us afresh spiritually in this church.
  13. Father in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit, baptize our Pastor with fresh Oil of the Holy Spirit. Lord give him the tongue of fire against forces of wickedness.
  14. Lord strengthen our Pastor with wisdom to work against the roadblocks to success of Restoration/multiplication agenda in this church. Lord rain down the spirit of wisdom and power upon our Pastor.
  15. Let us commit this Sunday service into God’s hands and ask that by His Spirit, He will take over and perform His good will concerning us in it.
  16. Let us pray in the Spirit concerning this service on Sunday.
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