Sunday July 04, 2021, Prayer Points

  1. Let us thank God for his mighty Hand of protection and preservation over the KCA family, which continues to preserve and secure us from the arrows of the wicked. 
  2. Father, we cast out today every horn scattering and limiting this church and we break all such hold over us; thereby commanding great refreshing and growth. 
  3. Father bring the counsel of the wicked against this church to naught and make the devices of the wicked against us of no effect.
  4. Let us commit the spiritual emphasis program of this month into God’s hand and ask that He by Himself direct it and prosper it graciously for us.
  5. Father in the name of Jesus and by the working of the Holy Spirit, enlighten our darkness greatly, bind up the breach of Your people, and heal the stroke of our wound.
  6. Father, impact every member of this church afresh with the spirit of grace and supplication this month, so we can develop spiritually by the Holy Ghost in our lives.
  7. Father, empower the giving life of every member of this church afresh this month, so we can continue to enjoy Your blessing of prosperity all the days of our lives.
  8. Father give rain of our seed in this assembly and let the increase of the earth begin to answer to us.
  9. Let us command supernatural financial provision to continue to flow into this church from the four corners of the earth.
  10. Father, by the power of the Holy Spirit, baptize our Pastor with fresh Oil of the Holy Spirit. Lord give him the tongue of the learned. 
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