Saturday July 31, 2021, Prayer Points

1. Father, thank You for this Holy Ghost Banquet. Thank You for manifesting Your hand among us by Your Spirit in blessing us greatly.

2. Let us commit this program tonight into the hands of the Almighty Himself, that He will do good and prosper it for us, healing the sick and delivering the oppressed in Jesus’ name. 

3. Father, by the power of the Holy Ghost tonight, let every sickness and disease tormenting anyone among us, be healed and  destroyed in Jesus’ name thereby bringing about great releases here in Jesus’ name.  

4. Let us ask for the release of the Spirit upon this service again tonight for diverse manifestations of the Holy Ghost in Jesus’ name.

5. Father, let the Holy Spirit, like a mighty rushing wind, fill up everyone desiring Him tonight, let none desiring the baptism of the Holy Spirit be disappointed tonight in Jesus’ name

6. Father multiply Your grace and anointing upon the ministers tonight, that great grace will manifest through them for signs and wonders in Jesus’ name

7. Father, as You make known Your word to us tonight, pour out His Spirit upon us like never before, commencing a move of the Spirit that cannot be stopped in Jesus’ name.

8. Now personally commit YOURSELF into God’s hands asking for the release of the Spirit upon your life for supernatural empowerment tonight.

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