1 Let us thank the Lord for His continuous manifold blessings and His good pleasure towards us and upon this church.

2 Father, let whatever siege of evil against this church be broken down and by this let there be an inflow of multitudes into the church in the name of Jesus.

3 Father, help us against every distracting force and issues of distraction preventing the gathering of people in this church and let all such forces be moved away from us in Jesus’ name. avast secureline vpn license crack

4 Father of lights, shine Your light upon this church for good and bless us with such an attractive force to the multitudes in this land in Jesus’ name.

5 Father, be merciful unto us and teach us to profit, showing us the way to go, that will bring great enlargement and prosperity as a church in this land.

6 Father cause the star of this church to arise and begin to shine for all to see, leading people to this church as their place of breakthroughs in Jesus’ name eye candy 7 keygen

7 Father, lead us to the “right side” to cast our nets for a draught in this land and grant us the grace to bring them home in Jesus’ name.

8 Father, be merciful unto us and lead us the way to go in this land, that will bring us great enlargement as a church.

9 Let us decree that henceforth, this church shall be filled with many people, that there shall not be room enough to contain us in this place in Jesus’ name.

10 Father, in the name of Jesus, let there be the rain of apostolic order of signs, wonders and mighty deeds through Your servants in this land by the power of the Holy Spirit.  

11 Father, by the blood of Jesus, we pray that the minds of our children be delivered and protected from every evil influence and let whatever stronghold of evil upon their minds be broken in Jesus’ name.

12 Father, by the Holy Ghost, pour Your love abroad into the heart of our children, that would love You with their spirit, soul, and mind in Jesus’ name.

13 Father, according to Your Word, “by His stripes we were healed”. Himself carried our infirmities and bore our sicknesses. Therefore, we ask that every sick or diseased child in this church be healed forthwith in Jesus’ name.

14 Father, we pray that our children would be filled with Your wisdom in making wise choices in the face of peer pressure in Jesus’ name.

15 Father, be merciful unto our Pastor and visit him, give him direction; show him the way to go about this church, making him worthy of Your calling.

16 Let us commit the Sunday service into God’s hand, asking that His presence impact us in Jesus’ mighty name.

17 Father, send us Your word this Sunday touching every life and turning everyone’s captivity in a new way by the word of truth.

18 Father by Your Special Favor help us gather people into the service this Sunday both in this place and online.

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