God said to me

“Many of my people don’t really have a desire for change. They say they want but have no drive for it. Their passion and violence of faith that drives change is very week.

Tell them “what you have no drive for will not be delivered to you”. It is all available, but you must with all passion and drive go for what I have made available for you. There is always what to do to enforce the reality of change; it is time to be doers. The way is in my word, walk in it and you will encounter rest”.

Today God will do something strange in your life.

There is a way to enforce the release of welfare in your life.

It begins with your expectation.

What is your expectation?

How strong and clear is your expectation?

What do you really want in life?

And can you truly say you are pursuing it?

My Bishop will say

“What you don’t expect you don’t experience

What you don’t desire you don’t deserve”.

Expectation is that strong desire deeply seated in your heart that obtaining it drives your life.

Am not just talking of what you wish happened to you.

It drives you that you are ready to do whatever it takes to get it.

The question is this:

How far are you willing to go to realize that expectation of yours?

It all begins with your desire.

In Prayer, it is said

What things soever you desire, – Mark 11:24

If you don’t desire it you are never permitted to receive it.

What are you looking out for, what do you really want in life?

Of faith, it is said

Faith is the substance of things hoped for – Heb. 11:1

You can’t talk of faith without hope

Faith is impotent without desire.

Set your desire in order

See it by the Word. – Prov. 24:14

So shall the knowledge of wisdom be to your soul: when you have found it, then there shall be a reward, and your expectation shall not be cut off

The issue is this;

What do you really want in life?

What do you really want to happen to you?

How far are you ready to go to realize it?


When it comes to the subject of welfare what do you want?

Or perhaps what do you think God can and will do for you?

If your heart desires secured welfare, then do you think God can make that happen for you?

The Plan of God. – Jeremiah 29:11

God has in place a plan of welfare for you?

God has “thoughts of welfare and not disaster” for you

God has great plans of secured welfare for you.

God wants it well with you. – Deuteronomy 4:39 – 40

that it may go well with thee; God wants it well with you” – Deuteronomy 5:29, 33

Are you righteous?

In case you’re still in doubt of that let me tell you today.

If you’re in Christ, if you’re born again, you’re righteous. – 2 Corinthians 5:21

God Himself made you righteous in Christ.

So, I ask you again; Are you righteous?

If yes, then God wants it well with you. – Isaiah 3:10

God wants it well with you. – 3 John 2.

Psalms 119:166

“LORD, I have hoped for your salvation, and done your commandments.”

When you hope for His salvation, there is what to do to prove that your hope is real.

You cannot just sit down waiting for things to happen, there are things to do.

You do His commandments first then desire His Blessing.

Psalms 119:174

“I have longed for your salvation, O LORD; and your law is my delight.”

“I want you to see your welfare in my life, so I make doing your word my delight”.

As you hope, you begin to do what it takes to realize your hope.

What are you doing?

If you truly desire His promised welfare what are you doing in the light of His word?

There is what to work out. Philippians 2:12

God does not just do it: Work it out.

You will work your way out by doing what the word says to do.

God wants to satisfy you financially

God wants to satisfy you Medically

On financial abundance; God has a plan for you but there is what to do.

God is saying:

“It is evil and folly that the children of the Kingdom are walking as servants and servants are riding on horses”

The time has come for you to take your place among the princes. – 1 Samuel 2: 8

God wants to set you up among the princes

God is ready to Bless;

In fact, God wants to bless and satisfy you on every side.

But there is what you must do to provoke His blessing.

His word is all laid out for us, we have heard so much of it.

The word is no story just to tell the generations to come.

His word is His covenant with us. – Psalm 84:34

A change is coming your way this morning.

God upholds all things by the Word of His power. Heb 1:3

We suffer break down when we attempt to break scriptures.

It is time to enforce you the release of your welfare. – Matt 11:12

In this kingdom, there are rules that govern every issue.

When you engage these laws or forces you actualize the blessing.

You have a heritage of riches in Christ it is a fruitful heritage.

Prosperity is part and parcel of redemption.

He became poor that we through His poverty might be made rich.

Even though it is your heritage, yet you have to take it by force through the application of the truth

It is the application of the truth that makes for freedom in this kingdom. – John 8:32

Your opinions are irrelevant.

Your feelings are irrelevant.

Your experiences are irrelevant.

You can’t outsmart God, until you do as He commands the miracle never manifest.

You can do nothing against the truth but for the truth.

Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it. – John 2:5

I am here through these series of teachings to show you how.

You must know which relevant force to engage to actualize your liberty.

Not all forces are relevant.

If you are afflicted, prayer is a relevant force. – James 5:13

To be saved you must repent not give, not sing, not fast. Acts 2:37 – 38

You can’t give your way into salvation.

If you are not conversant with the scriptural demand you keep labouring in vain. – Eccl 10:15

On the subject of welfare and economic empowerment, the relevant force is Return to His ways. – Mal 3:7, Hag. 1:5 – 11

His way of service

His way of tithing

His way of giving

His way of sacrifices

Stop attempting to outsmart God, now return.

Many tithes and give but not with the right heart. – 2 Chronicles 25:2

Many give but are not committed to a giving lifestyle.

That is why He said to consider your ways.

Multitudes are waiting for things to happen.

Things don’t just happen, only what you make to happen will happen for you.

There are processes to engage to become what you want to become.

You can’t afford to keep waiting you have to engage a process.

Waiting on its own never provide an answer.

“the violent take it by force”. – Matt 11:12

It is you that will enforce your liberty.

The mystery of seed

The first thing God ever gave man to actualize his multiplication is seed. Gen 1:29

It is what you do with your seed that determines what you eventually eat. – 2 Cor 9:10

The force of scripture is an irresistible force.

The covenant God made with man from creation for his increase hinges on what you do with your seed. – Gen 8:22

In closing look at this Ps 107:36 – 38

There is no way out for the hungry excepts he/she sow the fields, and plant vineyards.

Come with me and see this also in Gen 47:15 – 19, 25

First it was “give us bread”; they had the bread but no liberty.

Then they came and ask for seed; give us seed, that we may live

Give us seed, that we may live; your future is empty without the seed you sow today.

After he gave them seed hear what they said

“Thou hast saved our lives”

The safety of your life is in seed sowing.

It is your seed that guarantees your future: Your seed is it.

It is the force of the covenant that we engage to enforce our financial freedom.

When you are a covenant practitioner there is always a cover for you from the pains of the world.

Your financial struggles are coming to an end today.

The principal force required is the force of the covenant.

When you understand and engage it you are through.

This is your time for proper covenant alignment.

Today God will establish your financial breakthrough for the world to see.

Total welfare is yours; take it

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