There is what is called the Hand of the Lord.

This hand of the Lord will answer in your life for favor and also against your enemies for destruction.

The Hand of the Lord

The Hand of the Lord what is it? It is the power of God

This Hand of the Lord is mighty. – Jos 4:24

Today it will rest here in this assembly. – Isa 25:10

As this hand of the lord rests here everything contrary to your good health shall be laid to rest.

As this hand of the lord rests here everything contrary to your marital peace shall be laid to rest.

As this hand of the lord rests here everything contrary to your good living be laid to rest.

That same Hand is coming upon you today.

What is this hand of the Lord? It is called the Blessing.

One genuine encounter with the blessing is worth much more than a lifetime of struggles.

Desire an encounter with the Blessing of the Lord today.

Stretch out your faith and truly desire an encounter with the blessing this morning.

It is not to you according to prophecies, but it is to you according to your faith.

The blessing is for those who desire it and believe.

Remember Jacob? Genesis 32:24 – 28

I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.

He desired it, he stretched his faith out for it and he became impacted with it.

Hear of Jacob a man that sought and was impacted with the blessing

Take, I pray thee, my blessing that is brought to thee; because God hath dealt graciously with me, and because I have enough. – Gen. 30:11

Take, I pray thee, my blessing; he was blessed

And the man increased exceedingly, – Gen. 30:43

The blessing increased him exceedingly.

It is not who you are now but who the blessing will make of you.

now I am become two bands. – Genesis 32:10

I was alone once but now see what the blessing has done for me.

A change of story; today God is giving you a change of story.

Every issue of disgrace in your life shall be converted to a celebration from today.

Every issue you are struggling with in your life shall be turned to a miracle before this year is over.

Your barrenness turned to fruitfulness.

Your frustrations turned to a celebration.

Your humiliation turned to honour.

Your shame turned to glory.

Every curse working against your life shall be turned into a blessing.

Whatever won’t let you go will go for you.

Every diabolical hand against your success bows in the name of Jesus.


Everything that God has for you comes with knowledge.

Someone hearing me today is breaking into a new realm.

God’s blessing is the cure for man’s misfortune.

When His blessing comes the struggle ceases.

Something is turning dramatically in your favour today.

When thou hast found it not when you have read it. – Prov 24:14

Many are mistaking what they have read for what they have found

Don’t mistake what you have read for what you have found.

Thy words were found, and I did eat them; – Jer 15:16

You can’t find it without knowing

Your proofs are the result of your discoveries

May you find it today in Jesus name.

The blessing

The first thing that God did to man was to bless him. – Gen. 1:28

By creation, God made man be in a position to restore every desolation just as He did.

Once restored He now made man keep restoring.

From the beginning man was empowered to be a restorer of great things.

Therefore, a man was created to be a restorer. – Isa 58:12

The blessing: declared to be or empowered to transform

The blessing was what made or empowered man to function in his place of dominion and authority as a restorer or transformer.

See Abraham’s case

And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: – Ge 12:2

“I will bless thee” It was promissory.

I will bless you; that is I will empower you to be great

His tithe opened up the blessing for him; – Ge 14:19

Then again His sacrifice turned it completely for him. – Gen. 22:17

And he is become great – Ge 24:35

Notice the sequence

The LORD hath blessed my master greatly;

and he is become great:

and he hath given him flocks, and herds, and silver, and gold, and menservants, and maidservants, and camels, and asses

Greatness is not a function of possessions but that of impact, influence and relevance

The possessions are just one of the outward manifestations of the blessing

I want you to know today that the blessing is always provoked.

Isaac & Jacob: Remember “bring me the venison?” Ge 27:3 – 4

Bring it to me, that I may eat; that my soul may bless thee.

The blessing is always provoked, you need to understand that.

Notice the wording “and blessed him” and then therefore God give you. – 27

It is His blessing that makes you inherit what you were not qualified for. – Ge 28:4

It gives to you what you were not due for naturally.

The blessing will cast out people to place and position you.

God is turning your mourning into dancing this week.

He is turning your trials into testimonies.

He is turning all your obstacles into miracles.

Have you read before? Prov 10: 22, “The blessing of God, it maketh rich.”

See the effect of the blessing at work in Jacob’s life

This means the blessing suffered you not to hurt me. – Gen 31:7 – 9

Thus, God that is the blessing, hath taken away the cattle of your father and given them to me.

How come? De 23:5, Num. 23:11

Every curse operating against you is turned into a blessing today in Jesus name.

Now let us see the Blessing; what is it?

It is the blessing that makes life worth living.

Our best way of understanding the full meaning of the message today is to start from what we know.


Everyone here knows the meaning of curses.

As curses stands as agents of destruction so also the blessing stands as divine agents of transformation

What is a curse?

An utterance of God, or of a person against (a person or thing): consigning or intending to consign a person or thing to destruction, and misery.

An evil force supposedly inflicted by divine or supernatural power in response to an imprecation or as retributive punishment.

When curses are operating in any life, everything will be working upside down.

Hard work producing hard life

The blessing

The “blessing” conveys that prosperity and favor should be the lot of the person on whom the blessing is invoked.

The blessing is a supernatural force that enforces good happenings and it has power to overturn curses. Deut. 23:5

Reuben, the first son of Jacob being cursed but was overturned by the blessing through Moses. – Deuteronomy 33:1, 6

You shall not die before your time

Your life shall no more be diminishing.

So God created man in his own image,

28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion….

The resultant effects of blessing are. Genesis 1:28





The totality of all these is what is called DOMINION

Today these four pillars of the Blessing will begin to answer in your life.

I command the blessing of fruitfulness to become your portion from today in Jesus name

Whatever emptiness in any area of your life today shall be filled.

This anointing today is setting a seal of dominion over you.

Blessings are communicated through words.

God’s blessing is accompanied with that virtue that renders His blessing effectual and which is expressed by it.

I am here today with a divine mandate to bless you. – Numbers 23:20

The blessing of God is what makes us become whatever we desire to become in life.

It empowers us to become: John 1:12

The blessing empowers for definite and positive changes necessary for fulfilling our purposes and responsibilities.

God’s supernatural power for positive changes is what is called the BLESSING.

The BLESSING therefore is divine enabling to accomplish whatever is intended.

God’s blessing empowers you to get and do things that transcend human limitations.

BLESSING means the form of words used in invoking the bestowal of good. – Genesis 49:28

But remember it is mostly provoked through sacrifices.

The Anointing

Today by this Anointing your hands today something from Heaven is dropping into it that will make you truly give you a change of story this year. – Jud 18:10

Today by this Anointing your hands today divine strength will be impacted that will make you strong in your accomplishments – Ge 49:24

Today by this Anointing your hands encounter the blessing of sufficiency rests. – De 33:7

Today by this Anointing, your substance will greatly increase. De 33:11

Today by this Anointing, the works of your hands are blessed to day. Job 1:10

It is you time to enjoyed good success.

Jesus is Lord

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